Designing for Different Tastes: How to Create Invitations for Various Themes and Styles

Every event deserves an invitation that sets the right tone and captures the essence of the occasion. At Martyn Grey Design, we understand the importance of designing invitations that cater to different tastes and reflect various themes and styles. Our collection of postcards, invitations, invitation templates, and editable cards offers a wide range of options to help you create invitations that align with your desired theme and style. In this blog post, we will explore the art of designing invitations for different tastes, providing you with inspiration and guidance to create captivating invitations for any event.

  1. Understand the Theme and Purpose of the Event:

Before diving into the design process, it's crucial to understand the theme and purpose of the event. Whether it's a rustic wedding, a glamorous gala, or a whimsical birthday party, the invitation should reflect the essence of the occasion. 

  1. Tailor the Design Elements to the Theme:

Once you have identified the theme, consider incorporating design elements that align with it. From colors and patterns to graphics and typography, ensure that every aspect of the invitation design complements the theme. 

  1. Play with Colors and Fonts:

Colors and fonts play a significant role in creating the right atmosphere and conveying the event's style. Bold and vibrant colors work well for modern and lively events, while muted tones are suitable for elegant and sophisticated occasions. Experiment with different font styles to match the overall aesthetic. 

  1. Use Imagery to Enhance the Theme:

Images and illustrations can elevate the invitation's design and reinforce the theme. Incorporate relevant imagery that relates to the event, such as floral motifs for a garden party or abstract patterns for a contemporary affair. 

  1. Provide Customization Options:

Offering customization options allows individuals to tailor the invitation to their specific event. Provide customizable invitation templates that enable users to change colors, fonts, and layouts to suit their tastes and preferences. 


Designing invitations for different themes and styles requires a thoughtful approach to capture the essence of each event. With Martyn Grey Design's collection of postcards, invitations, invitation templates, and editable cards, you have the tools to create invitations that cater to various tastes and reflect different themes.

Start designing captivating invitations that align with various themes and styles today, and let Martyn Grey Design be your trusted companion in creating customizable and visually appealing invitations with our exceptional selection of designs and customization options!

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